The rehearsals and filming of Where is Lucy in Dubai brought together a highly talented, international cast of acting talents from across the United States, UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

From childhood, Natasha Webb’s passions have always been performing arts, drama, and entertainment. After studying at RADA, Natasha worked on TV commercials, features and short movies.


Lucy's Mother

Anna Alexandra is a seasoned actress and model, who studied at NY Film Academy in New York City and The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in LA. In the UAE, she starred in the popular TV series Ahla Ayyam as well as in short films and ad campaigns for many leading brands.


Lucy's Godmother

Atef Nsouli is a 21-year-old Lebanese student at American University of Dubai and is passionate about acting. He pursues every opportunity to get more experience on-set when he has time off from his studies. 



Nathaniel Alapide is a self-taught and highly acclaimed visual artist based in Dubai. He is well-known for his beautiful, large-scale murals capturing the natural beauty of the seashores and deserts of The Emirates.


Street Artist

Simon Williams studied drama at Cambridge and appeared in many theatrical roles before moving into the world of business. That brought him to Dubai, where he rekindled his love for acting and has since appeared in Star Trek Beyond, 6Underground and Beneath a Sea of Lights.



Isabela Pogere is a Brazilian national and Dubai resident, currently studying Neuroscience at McMaster University in Canada. She is always on the lookout for new opportunities, while modelling and acting in her free time.


Coffee Shop Guest

From performing amateur dramatics at school and during his military service, to working as an extra on War Machine with Brad Pitt, and MI7 with Tom Cruise, Charles Mallice has always been closely involved with the film industry. When not acting, he also works as a military and police technical consultant for TV and movie productions.


Man in Black

Irish actor Casey Shannon’s high-profile acting career has spanned over ten years and includes working as Tom Cruise’s body-double on Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. Expect to see Casey soon in several upcoming features and in Apple TV’s major new show, called Foundation.



Eight-year-old Anika Boyle is a young actress with considerable experience in film and television. Anika won a Best Actress Award for her performance in Elementary Brilliance, directed by Leo Wong, and recently finished filming her first feature in a leading role, Made in Caravan by Jomy Kuriakose, due for release in late-2021.


Little Sila

Dusan Mihailovic is a director, producer, and actor, known for his theatre work, plays and improvisation both in Serbia and the UAE. His work in front of camera has been a mix of advertisements and commercial work, as well as short films and series, including Almost Viral (2016) and Hope Gets Shot in The Head (2018).


Lucy's Father

Kevin Hutchinson has lived in the UAE for 15 years, and has acted in movies and film, TV series, commercials, and even a lead role in a music video. When he is not acting, he is also a professional ice hockey player for the Abu Dhabi Scorpions.


Newspaper Shop Owner

Neil Clench spent seven years with Andrew Lloyd Webber's National Youth Music Theatre, before going on to train at Guildford School of Acting, where he received The Principal’s Award and obtained the Anthony Hopkins Trust Award. He has worked professionally as an actor and taught drama in the UK and UAE for over 25 years.


The Working Man